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Eye & Facial Treatments


Beauty Essentials

Brow Shape/Wax  (15 minutes)
A treatment to remove unruly brow hairs to flatter your facial features and give you a more polished appearance. Your therapist can advise if a tweeze, wax or thread (or even a mixture of all three) is the best solution for you.

Brow/Lash Tinting (10/20 minutes) 
Tint your lashes &/or brows to add colour and definition that will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and cut down on make up time.

Eyelift  (25 minutes)
Often the eyes age first. Skin Couture’s eye lift treats this delicate area using products designed to target common eye problems such as dehydration and puffiness, but it also goes a step further using micro current technology to gently lift dropped contours. This treatment can be booked alone but it also works well when combined with a facial treatment or a part of a course.

Advanced Results

HD Brows (45 minutes)
A hot celebrity favourite….HD brows’ famous seven-step brow programme is the ultimate brow make over that creates a face framing brow with a colour and design unique to you.

Lash Extension  (up to 2 hours)
For special nights out to long holidays we have the lash solution for you. Full lashes open your eyes and add a youthful flutter and help you look fantastic even without make up. Go natural or for full-on glamour…lashes to suit your personality.

Lashlift (60 minutes)
Make the most of your natural lashes with an eye opening lash lift. No additions just your natural lash at its best. This treatment includes a lash tint after the lift.

Please note: 
Tinting, lifting, extensions & microblading brows require a skin test 48 hours  before treatment



Hands On Facials

Taster facial   (25 minutes)
A mini facial to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin, A little delight! Perfect if you wish to sample our skincare product ranges, give your skin a mini boost or get customised skincare advice for your specific concerns.

Skin Nutrition facial  (55 minutes, Rose & Botanicals 75 minutes)
Feed your face with this customised skin care treatment using vitamin rich fruit, flower & vegetable extracts to leave your skin calm & radiant. With products & massage techniques adapted to suit your skin type and individual concerns.

Camomile Calming for Sensitive Skin. Sensitive skin can be prone to reaction and redness. The Camomile facial uses a pressure point massage which calms nerve endings, and a cooling gel masque to soothe redness

Lime Deep Cleansing for Oily Skins. Overactive skins can suffer with shine and breakouts. This facial includes a toxin drainage massage and dual clay masque designed to attend to the needs of an overactive skin, gently reducing the oil production, purifying and calming problem breakouts.

Raspberry Hydration for Dehydrated Skin. Dehydration is a common skin problem that can leave skin looking tired and old. The Raspberry facial includes an intensely hydrating pineapple cream massage and raspberry flexi peel masque which leave the skin looking softened and more youthful.

Carrot Radiance for Dull Skin. Pollution and stressful daily life can have a negative impact on our skins health. The Radiance facial uses an exfoliating peel and pressure point massage to boost skins radiance leaving you with improved skin condition and a youthful glow.

Rose Anti Ageing for Smoothing & Firming. The natural ageing process can cause wrinkles as the skin loses its natural lift and plumpness. Deeply nourishing and luxurious, the Rose facial has been created for any skin concerned with ageing. The extended time includes two wrinkle fighting masques, one to intensely exfoliate, stimulating cell renewal and a 3C collagen bio masque to infuse the face and neck with skin plumping collagen.

Botanical youth solutions for intensive hydration. An Intensive Botanical Prescription facial uses plant stem cells, Hyaluronic acid and vitamins B3 & B5 to instantly moisturise and regain the youthful suppleness, smoothing the skin to restore a youthful feel. This treatment can also be tailored for emergency skin care. In the case of skins in crisis, suffering ongoing reaction or flare ups we recommend a course of 4 treatments.

Guinot Facials
Our exclusive Guinot skin care treatments are suited to different skin types and beauty objectives. Guinot has applied all the latest scientific advances and discoveries in skin biology to offer treatments that are not only based on cutting edge skincare techniques but are also comfortable and relaxing. See our downloadable Treatment List for treatment options.

Electrical Facials

Microdermabrasion  (45 minutes)
Deep peeling exfoliation to improve skin imperfections and refine skin texture. Ideal for fine lines, ageing, open pores, acne scaring, pigmentation and congested skin. Face, hands or body.

Silhouette Non Surgical Facelift (lift & firm all skins)  (55 minutes)
If you’re serious about anti ageing this electrical facial is the answer. Lifts muscles & infuses skin with hydration. This is a workout for your face. Short on time? Try the MINI LIFT. We recommend a course of six 1-2x per week.

Glow Getter (55 minutes)
Our anti-ageing powerhouse. Microdermabrasion combined with IPL Light therapy and ice globe lifting - this facial will transform your skin and give you a glow and youth even the celebrities will envy!

IPL (laser) Medical Therapy Facial Treatments (anti aging)   (20 minutes)
Treat specific skin concerns with intense pulsed light therapies (IPL). Effective advanced results for anti aging, pigmentation, broken capillaries and acne. A course of 3 treatments 1 x month is recommended.

Make Up

Bridal Make Up  (1 hour trial & make up)
Bring out your natural beauty on your special day. Our bridal make up includes a trial at the salon to ensure your make up is designed to suit you and make up on the day at your home/venue.

Make Up Application   (30-40 minutes)
For a special occasion or just to learn some tips to update your look a make up application can help you make the most of your skin and keep you up to date with the latest techniques and products.

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